Personal (8 in)  Large (16 in)

Cheese                9.95              20.95  

Toppings              1.50              2.95

Our Creations      12.95            As Listed


Slices $4

Gluten Free, Personal Only +$3

​Create your own — Your choice of sauce and up to four toppings! $28.95

Sauces — Hanalei Bay Red. Garlic Butter. 

Veggie — Basil. Balsamic Glaze. Bell Pepper. Black Olive. Jalapeño. Mushroom. Pesto Drizzle. Pineapple. Red Onion. Roasted Garlic. Sriracha Glaze.

Sweet Onion. Tomato. 

Meat — Bacon. Chicken. Ham. Housemade Italian Sausage. Kalua Pork. Pepperoni. Salami.

Cheese — Feta. Goat Cheese. Mozzarella.